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K-3/k-4 & V1/V2 Visa

K-3/K-4 & V-1/V-2 Entry Visa for Spouse or Child

The spouse and children of U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents may have visa options that enable them to enter the U.S. without first obtaining a Green Card.

The K-3/K-4 visas are reserved for the spouse and children of U.S. citizens, while the V-1/V-2 visas are reserved for the spouse and children of Lawful Permanent Residents. In order to qualify for either a K-3/K-4 visa or a V-1/V-2 visa, the U.S. sponsor must have already filed a Form I-130, Immigrant Petition on behalf of his or her relative. The K-3/K-4 or V-1/V-2 visa holders may enter the U.S. while the I-130 Immigrant Petition is pending and apply for a Green Card from inside the U.S. after the petition is approved.

There are certain timing requirements that must be met for an applicant to qualify for either K-3/K-4 or V-1/V-2 visa status.

A fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen may receive a K-1 visa to enter the country for the purpose of getting married to a U.S. citizen within 90 days of his or her arrival. If the marriage does not occur within this 90-day window, the foreign fiancé(e) must depart the country. Unmarried, minor children of K-1 fiancé(e)s are eligible for K-2 visas. K-1 and K-2 visa holders may apply for a Green Card from inside the U.S., as long as the K-1 visa requirements are met.

Give yourself the tools you need to make the most informed decisions about applying for the K-3/K-4 visa or the V-1/V-2 visa: Find out how the process works, how long you can expect it to take and what requirements you need to fulfill once you enter the U.S. Click here to get all the information you need to successfully get your K-3/K-4 or V-1/V-2 visa.

The K-3/K-4 & V-1/V-2 Entry Visa for Spouse or Child e-Kit contains:

  • Qualifications and eligibility requirements
  • A detailed overview of the application process
  • All of the necessary application forms and guidance on how to complete the forms accurately and completely
  • What you need to know to maintain and extend status once you are in the U.S.
  • Work and Travel Restrictions

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