Do you need to renew your Green Card?

The New Year is fast approaching. Is it time to renew your expired Green Card? Keep in mind that green card renewals are necessary every ten (10) years. If your Green Card is set to expire within the next six (6) months, then it is time to file a Green Card renewal application (Form I-90). Remember though that you cannot file Form I-90 more than six (6) months in advance of your expiration date; if you do, then the USCIS will return your application without review.

There are many reasons that one forgets to renew their Green Card in this hectic world we live in, especially keeping track of something that expires every ten years. So if you did forget to renew your card, don’t worry, you will not lose your legal Permanent Resident status if your Green Card has expired. But you are required by law to always carry a valid, unexpired Green Card as a legal Permanent Resident. A Green Card is a legal form of identification and therefore carrying an expired one will make it difficult to prove your legal status, to accept new employment or obtain benefits, and it will make it difficult to re-enter the U.S. after traveling abroad.

So, if your Green Card is within six (6) months of it expiring or it has already expired, start the Green Card renewal process by filing Form I-90.