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Immigration Direct NewsletterWith all the current political activity surrounding immigration, including national policies and attempts at reform, it is important to stay up-to-date on the information that impacts the immigrant community.

To help people keep tabs on the latest news, Immigration Direct offers email alerts and a monthly newsletter. This electronic delivery system is the best way to get breaking immigration news and information, written and researched by the expert staff at Immigration Direct. Subscription to the service is free.

Topics covered in these newsletters include insight into current immigration issues, such as the politics behind the DREAM Act and bumpy road to Immigration Reform.  We also try to keep people up to date with the latest news from Capitol Hill and local governments. The newsletters also provide lighter topics of interest to the immigrant community, such as recipes from cultures around the world and profiles of famous immigrants like Albert Einstein and Cary Grant. Previous newsletters have also covered important topics such as the difference between notary publics and immigration counselors, the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution and political speeches concerning immigration, such as those given by President Obama.

The newsletter and alerts are ideal for recent immigrants, those aspiring to enter the country, immigration officials or anyone interested in current issues regarding immigration.

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