Recent Updates by the USCIS


The following USCIS forms have crossed their expiration dates: Form I-130, Form I-765, Form N-400 and Form N-600. However, the USCIS continues to accept the 01/08/12 edition of Form I-130, the 01/19/11 edition of Form I-765, the 06/17/11 edition of Form N-400, and the 10/30/11 edition of Form N-600 available on their website. Updated forms will be posted as and when they become available.

Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, has been updated. It has a new edition date of 10/19/11 but USCIS continues to accept previous editions.

USCIS Customer Service – e-Requests

The e-Request is a tool that allows customers to send requests to the USCIS regarding certain applications and petitions. Currently, persons who have filed Form N-400 or Form I-90 and find their petitions beyond posted processing times and I-90 applicants who are yet to receive an Application Support Center appointment can make use of the web-based e-Request to make an inquiry about their cases.

Customers need to have their application receipt numbers to be able to place these requests. Those who do not have their receipt numbers can contact the USCIS Customer Service for details. Those who have already placed a request with the USCIS will have to wait for 30 days and then they can contact the USCIS with another inquiry.

New USCIS Office at Queens

USCIS opened its newest field office at Queens, N.Y. The office is located at 27-35 Jackson Ave and its working hours are between 7 am And 3.30 pm.

“Opening the Queens office furthers our effort to become a part of the community and provide services where our customers live,” Director Mayorkas said. “We are confident that this new office will improve customer service and accessibility, and create new opportunities for the Queens community to engage with our agency.”

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