Arizona’s Immigration Laws Under Fire

When the Supreme Court’s hearing on Arizona’s SB 1070 comes up, the illegal immigration from Mexico would have fallen further. The argument regarding unauthorized entry has brought down issues like overall migrant population, rebound of international students in higher education and legal citizenship. With the Courts expecting to rule this measure in June, it would require law enforcement officers to check on those who are suspected of being illegal in the U.S. and also arrest those they believe would be eligible for deportation.

An Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever who recently attended the Supreme court hearing on the controversial Immigration control law said that this new law is bound to “go down in flames.” “If this law goes down in flames, you’re going to really see pressures — people rolling back in — some who have self-deported and others taking advantage of what they see as an open sanctuary policy in this state,” declared Dever.

When this law was passed in 2010 by Arizona, the SB1070 was put on hold by the courts which capitulated due to the objections of politicians and the U.N. which expressed the concerns of the citizens of Arizona. Dever says that the courts accepted the government’s policy of ignoring the law and not enforcing the laws against illegal immigration in order to stop SB 1070.

The federal government deported about 390,000 criminal aliens last year and it is a record. Though it is good news, “how many of them have even returned and came back because of the porous border?” he said and added that even if somebody wanted to cross the border he or she is able to do it.

The Sheriff also insisted that the claims of civil rights groups stating that the law could lead to racial profiling and harassment is not true. He also said that enforcement officials will not tolerate racial profiling. When complaints are made, it is investigated and when it is found, it could even lead ot termination. This is because of the revised statute criminal code in Arizona that specifically prohibits racial profiling.

This could also be one of the reasons why the attorneys of the U.S. Department of Justice are planning to strike down the law by not raising an argument before the High Court. While there has been no strong enforcement of the law in recent years, people are hopeful that presidential nominee Mitt Romney would do a better job protecting the U.S. borders than President Obama.

There should be a proper immigration enforcement not only in the border but also inside the country. The powers that be should also take a look at the illegal immigration process in order to find out what is wrong and how it can be corrected. Long drawn out legal processes for getting visas and the large number of illegal aliens is the reason for many of the failures in the system. Romney has also said that though he had not read about the Florida lawmaker’s version of the Dream Act, he would take up the issue of providing nonimmigrant visas to college students who have entered the country illegally.

It is also advocated that anyone entering the country illegally would be heavily penalized. If a crime has been committed, the penalty would be to deport the person with no chance of returning back. However, at present even though a lot of people are deported, they keep returning back. So unless the borders are secured no enforcement is going to be effective.

The Department of Justice, as of now does not have an answer to any of the questions and people might just have to wait and watch.

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