US Travel Association Commends JOLT Bills

The newly-introduced House and Senate versions of the “Jobs Originated through Launching Travel (JOLT) Act” of 2012, was presented by the US Travel Association. This legislation is likely to boost up job creation and will improve the national security. This will be done through the provisions that can make reforms towards the visa system. It will improve the entry process and will expand the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). This new JOLT Act is aimed at improving the Immigration and Nationality Act in order to stimulate international tourism to the United States.

Difficulties in the current visa and entry process will be reformed through this act and it will make the United States more enchanting for millions of people around the world to visit.

There are a few provisions included in this act. This act also expands the VWP through which chances will be given for more countries to be added to the VWP, if they meet the security and law enforcement requirements. Foreign nationals will be added to Global Entry after signing a bilateral agreement with their government. The Customs and Border Protection will be allowed to do this.

It will permit Canadian visitors to reside in the United States for 60 days in addition, per year. This Act will develop a pilot program which will provide a premium processing service which is fee-based. This service will expedite the interview appointments. It will set a goal to conduct 80 percent of all non-immigrant visa interviews within 15 days of requesting a visa appointment.

The Department of State and Homeland Security supports this act which was introduced by Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Mike Lee (R-UT), and Representatives Joe Heck (NV-3) and Mike Quigley (IL-5). This JOLT Act, which will increase job creation, is also supported by the Discover America Partnership, which is a nationwide coalition of organizations and companies formed to progress the visa system and US entry reforms.