Executive Order Causes Slew of Immigration Scams

In the wake of the Obama administration’s announcement that deportations of young immigrants who have lived in the United States for a significant period of time already there have been instances of scammers.

It is imperative for people looking to take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by the executive branch to be wary of any companies or groups of people offering services that simply don’t exist.

Companies offering to get immigrants to the front of the line for green cards for a fee should not be taken seriously.

The process for applying for getting a green card has not really changed and, currently, the only thing affecting immigrants is the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is no longer pursuing deportation cases as avidly as before.

While the new policy will allow for some illegal immigrants to be allowed to work in the United States without fear of deportation the procedures for obtaining these conditional permits have not yet been set in stone.

Personal advice for illegal immigrants looking forward to the implementation of this policy: wait and watch for what to do, and don’t be fooled by phony companies looking to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

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