Naturalization Resources for Learners and Teachers

July 4th honors the birthday of America. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on this day, in the year 1776, at the Second Continental Congress. This day is celebrated as the nation’s Independence Day with parades, patriotic songs, fireworks and readings of the Declaration of Independence. Both the Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence are considered to be very important in the United States. People who are seeking to become naturalized US citizens will see and learn about both in many places while preparing for the naturalization test.

There are always six questions from both these topics in the civics portion of the naturalization test. The English test is also likely to contain questions about the Independence Day, as it is one of the national holidays. Hence the applicants may be asked to write or read something about it, as a part of the test. The USCIS offers some resources related to this big day, for the learners and teachers.

Resources for Learners

The USCIS has a lot of educational materials to help the learners to understand about America and to prepare themselves for the naturalization test. The resources include information related to the Independence Day.

A web-based resource, “Preparing for the Oath: US History and Civics for Citizenship”, has been launched by the USCIS along with the Smithsonian Institution. This online tool contains online videos and activities based on the 100 civics questions from which questions will be asked during the naturalization test.

There is another MP3 audio resource which contains 100 Civics Questions and Answers. “Learn About the United States: Quick Civics Lessons for the Naturalization Test” is a study booklet which will help the applicants to prepare for the civics and English components of the naturalization interview. Likewise, this study booklet contains 100 civics questions with background information. It also has vocabulary which will help the applicant to prepare for the English test. The USCIS offers writing and reading vocabulary and flash cards which contain vocabulary words which will be useful to prepare for the writing and reading parts of the English test.

Resources for Teachers

The resources particularly designed for the teachers include lesson plans and activities which contains handouts for students and answer keys. “Preparing for the Oath: US History and Civics for Citizenship” web resource also contains guides for teachers, with handouts on each different theme. Related to Independence, there are teacher guides on the topics, “Establishing Independence” and “Symbols and Holidays”.

A 12 minute film, “A Promise of Freedom: An Introduction to US History and Civics for Immigrants”, describes in detail the founding and the history of America. It also focuses on the rights and responsibilities of an American citizen. The DVD containing the film accompanies a booklet which aims at encouraging discussions based on the basic concepts of the democracy of the United States. Another helpful booklet for the teachers is the “Citizenship Foundation Skills and Knowledge Clusters”. This booklet focuses on the knowledge and skills that are required to be successful in getting through the naturalization test and interview.