London Olympics 2012 and the Facilities for US Athletes

The track and field team of the United States are steadily getting themselves prepared for the 2012 London Olympics. It is also good to say that US athletes are after something different this summer. Birmingham, the second city of the United Kingdom will host the US team which is preparing for the Olympics. The attractions of Birmingham itself are positive attributes. The canals which indicate Birmingham’s industrial past are restored. Those canals are ideal training routes for the long-distance runners. It also serves as a quieter training base for the athletes, as London is crowded with thousands of teams, spectators and journalists from all over the world. It is hence an inspired choice for training. This pre-Olympic training camp will be in Birmingham from July 16 to July 26.

Birmingham will have significant major and local events leading up to the Olympic Games 2012. Outstanding facilities offered by the city have caught the attention of the people who are selecting the base of the team before the games. The US team also has a more relaxed atmosphere away from the capital. The revamped Alexander Stadium is one of the high quality training facilities for the fastest American athletes.

As the athletes are getting ready for the upcoming competitions, an American Olympian will be cheering for the British team. Though this seems to be a statement related to politics, this is because of the British-American couple on the Olympics track, this summer. Tiffany who will be competing for Britain, in the 110m hurdles in the women’s team, is the wife of Jeff Porter, an American, who will race in the same event in the men’s team. The couple lives both in the United States and in London. Tiffany who was born in Michigan, holds dual citizenship. Hence, this couple has become quite notable this Olympics. Another noteworthy aspect related to the participants of the London Olympics, is that most new comers hold dual citizenship.