Condoleezza Rice as Romney’s Running Mate? She’s Just Too Liberal For Today’s GOP

Condoleezza Rice as Romney’s Running Mate?  She’s Just Too Liberal For Today’s GOP

“I don’t know when immigrants became the enemy,” Condoleezza Rice said to the The Raleigh News & Observer while at Duke University in April this year.  She also said “That immigrant culture that has renewed us … has been at the core of our strength” and she further added that one of her biggest regrets was the Bush administration’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2007.

In a speech she gave at Stanford in 2009, she said “This country needs comprehensive immigration reform. I don’t care whether it is the person who will crawl across the desert to make five dollars when they are only making 50 cents, or Sergey Brin, who comes here from Russia and founds Google. At both ends of the spectrum, America has always been able to attract the most ambitious people.”

“If we even lose that, and start to believe somehow that it is instead a threat to us, to have those people come here, we are going to lose one of the strongest elements of not just our national wealth, but of our national soul.”

Well, on July 12, 2012, the Drudge Report broke the news that Rice may be Romney’s choice as a running mate.

Condoleezza Rice’s recent speeches have been exciting Republican audiences, making her a hot vice presidential contender, but her public remarks on immigration are in direct conflict with Mitt Romney’s hard line stance on the issue.  In fact, some of her viewpoints stray from Romney’s tough stance on immigration.  And despite Romney’s recent claims that he plans to implement an immigration reform plan if elected, he has yet to offer any details about what exactly his plan would look like

He has said that he opposes immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for any of the 12 million undocumented immigrants currently in the United States — what he calls “amnesty” plans.  He also opposes the DREAM Act.  Romney has proposed that illegal immigrants be convinced to “self-deport,” and return to their home countries in order to re-apply for immigration to the U.S.  Unlike Mitt Romney, Ms. Rice has spoken out on the need to get undocumented immigrants out of the shadows, and last year issued a warning about Alabama’s controversial immigration enforcement law.

She told Alabama’s Press-Register “I think we need to be really careful about what kind of laws we pass and that, in the effort to get a handle on this problem, we don’t end up making the problem worse…The fact is that, generally speaking, this patchwork approach is not serving us well and we need to find a better solution. State laws are just not going to do it.”

But Rice’s view on immigration is not the only thing that divides their ideas on policy.  Not only is she Pro-Choice but she also has differing views on fixing the wealth gap.  She stated that there are “huge inequities between the rich and the poor” and with regards to economic inequality in the U.S., she said that “Americans are not united by blood or ethnicity or religion or nationality,” she said. “We are united by a creed. You can come from humble circumstances and you can do great things. And if that’s ever not true, then this society will rip itself apart.”

“This has been the country that has been the most capable of mobilizing human potential, because it hasn’t mattered where you came from, it’s only mattered where you’re going,” she said.

If Condoleezza Rice is being considered as Romney’s running mate, then she has to distance herself from her current views because she sounds a bit too liberal for today’s Republican Party.

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