Deferred Action: Why and How to Do It

The term “permanent resident” may seem somewhat ridiculous to you if you are technically an illegal immigrant. Just because the United States has not granted you a green card does not mean that you don’t reside here permanently. It’s only made worse when you can’t do anything in the society in which you have been raised, nightmarish when the government threatens to ship you out to a place that you don’t remember. The United States government probably has a very different idea of where your home is when you know that your home is right here.

This is why the Deferred Action program is important. Though it is not amnesty and certainly not a new way to get a green card or a citizenship certificate it will grant you a reprieve from the threat of deportation and possible poverty. There are two things that Deferred Action will do for you upon its acceptance: allow you to work legally in the United States and put you at the bottom of the list of potential deportations. Now, the tricky part is getting your application accepted.

It is a universal truth that government forms are complicated. You always encounter some problem in the minutiae or the “Official Form Burden”, the supposed amount of time that it should take to fill out the form, is laughably inaccurate.

You may feel the rage rise up within you when the most important form in your life is returned to you with a blazing red stamp that reads “rejected”.  Why, you may ask? Well, you filled the form out in blue ink instead of black ink. Such a pointless and arbitrary reason for your form to be rejected isn’t it? The rage at the bureaucratic system begins to boil within your veins and you feel that you’re growing hair in unusual places, feel a strange urge to yell at the moon and then the blood-lust sets in.

But there isn’t any reason to slaughter any innocents, no reason to get bent out of shape at all. What you should do is seek out some help, find someone who is used to dealing with all of the ridiculousness of government forms and then save yourself the trouble of being committed to an asylum for the criminally insane. Use Immigration Direct, we have plenty of experience in filing every kind of immigration form and we are ready to help you. Contact us today and feel better about your immigration future.