I-821D possible Deferred Action Form?

It’s official! Form I-821D is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals application! Read More about it on our blog!

As the USCIS scrambles to be prepared for the August 15th debut of the Deferred Action program more information leaks out.

Pending confirmation by the Department of Homeland Security in mid-August the newest word is that the form that immigrants will fill out for Deferred Action is called Form I-821D according to Sharma-Crawford Attorneys at Law’s recent Facebook post.

Find out if you’re eligible for the program!

USCIS has reason to be panicky. Initial estimates of the number of people who will be eligible for Deferred Action have since nearly doubled to 1.4 million people and they are attempting to hire a lot of people to help with the onslaught of Deferred Action applicants.

The onus of processing the new I-821D forms will likely create a backlog in terms of other applications, particularly applications for adjustment of status and citizenship.

In order to file for Deferred Action and get work authorization immigrants will have to fill out Forms I-821D, I-765 (Employment authorization) and have their biometrics taken. Employment authorization costs $380 and the biometrics come with a fee of $85 for a total of $465 to file for deferred action.

USCIS has stated that the work authorization form for Deferred Action applicants won’t be the I-765 exactly, but it is suspected that it will be extremely similar.

It is very important to note that none of this is yet confirmed by the USCIS which may change its policy, rules or forms at any time before—or even after—the August 15th release date.

Due to the increasing volume of applicants it may take a significant amount of time to file for Deferred Action and it is recommended that you have all of your documentation prepared in advance for the likelihood that you will be asked to provide proof of your eligibility.