Know When Your Deferred Action Application Is Accepted!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re just about to file your application for Deferred Action and you’re peering into the future through your mind’s eye. The future incarnation of yourself looks worried, dew drops of sweat from stress are appearing on your forehead, and you’re chewing your fingernails down to the quick and wondering whether or not your application has been accepted. The anxiety builds until you can barely stand it then you find yourself hiding away in your basement wearing a tin foil hat, the victim of spontaneous paranoia.

But there is a solution, you don’t have to be committed to a mental hospital and there is something you can do to assuage your anxiety. The USCIS actually offers to inform you through text or e-mail when your application has been accepted! This is a relatively new program and it is undeniable that it is also incredibly useful. The USCIS will let you know the moment that your application has been accepted if you just fill out the form and clip it to the front of your application for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Form G-1145 is a simple form to fill out, requiring only your telephone number, name and email address. And I can hear you say, “But, come on! I’m already paying to file my application. I don’t really need the hassle of paying yet another fee.” How in luck you are! There is no fee for Form G-1145! So don’t hesitate! Be sure to fill out Form G-1145 and clip it to your application for Deferred Action before you send it in!