The Best Way to File for Deferred Action

Deferred ActionEmployment Authorization: $380

Biometric Registration fee:  $85

For a total of:                        $465

Being able to live and work in the country you’ve been raised? Priceless…

Let’s be starkly honest here: life is expensive. To live the way you want you need to make money and pay some pretty large sums along the way as well. This can be particularly difficult if you are an illegal resident in the United States since there are many companies that won’t let you work without legal status. And you will be naturally limited in terms of career paths that you may pursue.

But fear not! The Department of Homeland Security has just cleared the path for certain eligible illegal residents to get employment authorization which means that if you’re an illegal resident you can work legally in the United States. The name of the form is the Application for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and also stays deportation proceedings.

Ironically, you’ll need some money in order to start making money. Specifically, the application costs $465 to file with the United States government. But this is one of the most important documents that you may ever file, so you will want to make sure that it is filled out correctly. You may want to find some help.

There are many different avenues by which you can apply for deferred action. You can file by yourself, but you might be risking a minor mistake that will end up getting your form rejected. You could file with a notario, however, this is not well advised since reports have been coming in over the past two months stating that these small companies are promising more than they can deliver and in effect are scamming unwary immigrants. Lawyers are charging around $2,000 to help you file Deferred Action! I’m sorry, but if you have this kind of cash just lying about you might not need to file for Deferred Action! A third option is to let help you through the process.

For only $99 we can help you file correctly and increase your chances of your Deferred Action application’s acceptance. And when compared to the price of the forms and lawyer fees it’s an outright steal.

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