Immigration: Deferred Action Doubts

The Deferred Action policy, DACA, was established last month. In the first three weeks of the program, more than 50,000 people applied for the program by submitting Form I-821D.

This policy has brought much hope to undocumented youth who are happy to get some support and security from the U.S. government. They are happy to get the chance to work legally without the fear of deportation.  Unfortunately, the following doubts about the policy still linger in the minds of eligible youth:

Deportations and Being “Outed” Through DACA

Many still believe that applying for the program will only make them and their families more vulnerable to deportations. USCIS officials have refuted this possibility many times. They say the information will not be used against any applicant. If an applicant fulfills all the requirements and fills out all the information correctly, that fear should not be present.

The DACA is Not the Dream Act

Give me the Dream Act, or give me nothing at all. That is the mentality of some undocumented youths. Deferred Action is not the Dream Act that they have been fighting for, for over a decade. Deferred Action does not provide a path to citizenship and does not even give legal status. Nevertheless, the implementation of Deferred Action does not affect the Dream Act. This is something completely separate that eligible youth should still apply for.

President Romney and the DACA Program

The 2012 Presidential election is less than two months away and that has many people worried. Will Deferred Action be reversed?  Will the application be then used against undocumented youth? Well, there’s no way to know. Romney has been quiet about Deferred Action and immigration issues in general. If he wins, these things will be addressed. However, he has mentioned the intent to create a GOP version of the DACA program.

Having Confidence in the DACA Program

With anything new, doubts will exist. The best thing to do is review the implications of the program thoroughly. You can first check if you are eligible for Deferred Action with our free eligibility quiz. If you are eligible, our step-by-step service will help you feel more confident about the process.