Deferred Action Applicant Numbers

The USCIS has released figures for the number of applications submitted for Deferred Action by state in the month of September.

California led the nation with the greatest amount of applications: 20,786.  Second is Texas with 11,031. And rounding up the top five is the state of New York with 6,637, Florida with 5,077 and New Jersey with 3,806 applications.

The numbers are not nearly as much as were projected. The Pew Hispanic Center released an analysis back in August when the program went into effect that said that some 950,000 undocumented youth would most likely be immediately eligible for Deferred Action.

There’s still an overwhelming amount of fear that prevents many from applying because releasing information signaling one’s unlawful status to the U.S. government seems reckless. But as the USCIS has stated time and time again, the information provided will not be used against applicants. A perhaps more warranted reason is uncertainty about the fate of the program.

Since Obama enacted it through executive order, it is likely to not continue. Mitt Romney has said that if he wins the election he will not revoke the benefits that are granted to undocumented youth before he takes office, but he hasn’t exactly said if he will allow for more applicants nor if he’ll scrape the program all together. But it is easy to assume that he will get rid of it because his party definitely does not support it. The Republicans say that Obama is providing a “backdoor amnesty” for young undocumented people and that it is unconstitutional.

All this means is that the time to apply for Deferred Action is now. If you are eligible, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. We will help you through the process so that you feel more confident and comfortable with the program.

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