Mitt Romney on Immigration at the Second Presidential Debate

Romney says he hopes that immigration is discussed during the next presidential debate because he would like to ask Obama a few things.

This weekend while speaking to voters in Florida, a state Obama won back in 2008, the Republican candidate criticized Obama’s poor performance at their first debate last Wednesday. He said that, in the next debate, he would like to question the president on his failed efforts to provide comprehensive immigration reform, something he promised to do during his first year in office.

It makes sense that Romney has brought up this issue in Florida. This is so because the Latino population accounts for 22.5 percent of the total population of the state. In comparison, Latinos only account for 16.3 percent of the total United States population. In national polls, Obama is shown to currently have a much stronger support from the Latino population than Romney.

Romney, being the business man that he is, mentioned that Hispanic Americans are more likely to start a new business than any other race or ethnic group in the U.S. And he made sure to remind voters that he wants to champion small business.

Just a week ago, Romney took a stance on Deferred Action by saying that he would not invalidate the work authorizations and driver’s licenses granted through the program. He has yet to clarify whether or not he would continue to accept applications.

The next presidential debate will take place on Tuesday, October 16 in New York.