Achieve Act Bill Filed

Today, Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona have formally introduced the Achieve Act to Congress.

In a press conference, Sen. Kyl said this was “a logical place to begin.” He mentioned that exactly one year ago, he and Sen. Bailey began to discuss ways by which to deal with undocumented youth in their states. Texas and Arizona are two of the states with the largest population of undocumented immigrants. This is what led them to draft the Achieve Act, which is being regarded as a GOP alternative to the DREAM Act.

They believe that the Achieve Act could actually gain bipartisan support. It would legalize eligible undocumented youth, but only if undocumented youth earn it.

Through this law, by attending college or enlisting in the military, undocumented youth would earn the right to get a U.S. work visa. After that, a pathway would be created toward U.S. citizenship.

Hutchinson and Kyl have made sure to brief their successors Ted Cruz of Texas and Jeff Flake of Arizona on the Achieve Act to ensure their support.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has helped Hutchinson and Kyl with the bill, but he is not listed as an official sponsor. Sen. John McCain of Arizona is an official cosponsor, however.

Many believe that the overwhelming Latino support for Democrats in the November election is the driving force for the GOP interest in addressing immigration issues.

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