Nevada Driver’s License to be Granted to DACA Recipients

Nevada is might be the latest state to grant driver’s licenses to Deferred Action recipients.

Today, the Las Vegas Sun newspaper in Las Vegas reported that Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval-R is supporting the driver’s license of the Deferred Action, DACA, policy. He says he still wants all DMV procedures to be followed.

Nevada has the fourth largest population of undocumented immigrants, just behind California, Arizona and Texas. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, undocumented immigrants account for 12.2 percent of 1.4 million workers in the state. Nevada is estimated to have 20,000 young undocumented immigrants eligible for DACA.

Unlike Gov. Sandoval, other Republican governors have officially denied driver’s licenses for DACA recipients, Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer and Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman being two of them.

The secretary of the state of Michigan has also announced the state will not issue these driver’s licenses.

Meanwhile, California and Florida will grant driver’s licenses. Chicago is currently looking to grant driver’s licenses to all undocumented drivers, not just DACA recipients.

Gov. Sandoval’s approval does not mean that the Nevada legislature will also approve. The state legislature will meet in early 2013.

Deferred Action is a policy of the Obama Administration that began August 15, 2012. It stops the deportation of certain eligible undocumented youth.

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