Obama and Romney on Immigration

Tonight is the night the next president of the United States is decided. In a very close race, it’s hard to say what the outcome will be. Some reports say President Obama is in the lead and will definitely win re-election. Some reports say Obama and Romney are tied.

Political pundits seem to agree that winning the Latino vote is crucial for the candidates. Not surprisingly, immigration is an important issue for the 11 million Latinos likely to vote in this election.  An ImpreMedia and Latino Decisions poll says the economy and immigration will both dictate the votes of Latinos. Historically, Latinos have supported Democrats.  Obama garnered 67% of the Latino vote last election.

But things might be different for Obama this time around. Obama has deported people faster than Bush did in both of his terms, and he failed to enact comprehensive immigration reform like he said he would back in 2008. Even though he recently put Deferred Action, DACA, in place through an executive order, the other facts linger over his immigration record.

Romney has made an effort to discredit Obama’s DACA by saying that it was just a political move just to ensure Latino vote a few months before the election. He has also mentioned time and time again that Obama was not able to keep his promise. His own immigration policy has only been revealed in fragments.

Before heading to the polls today, take one last look at both Obama’s views and Romney’s views on immigration.

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