STEM Fields: New Report Pushes for Change to DV visa

STEM Field New ReportThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE-USA, has released a report this week that argues that the United States diversity lottery program should be replaced with a program that requires higher technical education.

Through the diversity lottery, DV, program, each year, the USCIS issues 55,000 green cards to people all over the world. The selections are made at random. The selectees must meet certain requirements, but a specialized field is not one of them.

As it stands today, the education requirements for the DV lottery are a high school education or two years of work experience within the last five years in a career that needs at least two years of training and experience.

According to the IEEE-USA report, having a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) should become the key criteria for the DV lottery. The report’s data indicates diversity can be promoted through STEM visas while welcoming more high-skilled immigrants.

IEEE-USA Vice President for Government Relations Keith Grzelak said the following: “Passing this bill into law will greatly benefit the United States because STEM graduates will be able to innovate and create companies here that have the potential to employ thousands of Americans.”

There is currently a Republican-sponsored bill in the House of Representatives that would replace the DV lottery with one based on STEM degrees. This report might boost the chances of it passing.

The full report is available here.