DREAMERS Celebrate at United We DREAM Conference

DREAMers got together for a conference this past weekend to celebrate Deferred Action and their fight for the DREAM Act.

The United We DREAM first National Congress conference took place between Nov. 30 and Dec. 2 in Kansas city, MO. Six-hundred members of United We Dream assisted.

Deferred Action is considered an unprecedented victory for DREAMers, who embarked on a two-year campaign to pressure the White House to provide them with a reprieve from deportation. They worked hard to rally and get media attention. Even though undocumented youth is unable to vote, Obama easily won the Latino vote on Nov. 6. It would be silly to dismiss the influence that young Latinos had in his re-election. Obama, and other democrats, might not have won election otherwise.

In the last few weeks, Republicans have begun to show that they too want immigration reform. The House has passed a bill for highly educated students in STEM careers, and Republican senators from Texas and Arizona produced the Achieve Act as an alternative to the DREAM Act.

At the conference, the young undocumented attendees shared stories about their families and set goals for the future.

Immigrant advocacy groups, such as the Ford Foundation, were in attendance and pledged continued support.

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