Errores de USCIS en Nuevo Formulario I-90

USCIS has recently updated Form I-90 , The Application to Replace the Permanent Resident Card, and while observing the new changes, I became aware of all kinds of errors.

Just as you should never tell a madman that you are crazy, you probably should never tell a government agency that it is wrong. Well, luckily, you will not have to do it. I will point out a couple of mistakes that the USCIS has made in its new form. And no, I’m not crazy and I’m not just imagining these things. I am offering images as proof:

USCIS: Port of Entry

New i-90 Form







Here was the opportunity to create a distinction between a port of entry into the US. and its territories and a port of entry outside the US The Customs and Border Protection Service, CBP, indicates that there are 329 official ports of entry into the US. and 15 pre-authorization offices in Canada and the Caribbean. The USCIS, however, indicates that all district offices and archives located at the international level are also considered ports of entry, since they are entry points for foreigners who are adjusting their status to a permanent resident while outside the United States. Although this is not an error, it is grouped ports in the USA. and ports outside the US in the same drop-down menu can create confusion. Two drop-down menus might have been ideal.

USCIS: Non-Aggregated Country

New I-90 Form












I’m sorry, my dear friend from Northern Ireland. The new updated Form I-90 comes with a new strict policy: No one in Northern Ireland can renew your card! I’m kidding, but surely many people do not think this mistake is very funny since they probably have to contact the USCIS. As you can see here, in the drop-down menu of country of birth, the USCIS did not add to Northern Ireland.

The presentation of the New Form I-90

Here is my advice to the USCIS: Review the updated forms before making them available.

And this is my friendly advice for applicants: USCIS often launches new forms without checking them thoroughly, but do not worry. The problems are always fixed. In addition, the USCIS admits its mistakes. The following is an example of who are aware that sometimes they make mistakes:

New I-90 Form







The new Form I-90 is under review. Immigration is quite complicated without having to navigate through the errors created in the USCIS forms. At , you can complete your I-90 form to renew your residency card online in Spanish, step by step and, I must mention, without errors!