Everify Improvements


The new immigration reform bill, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, would create an Everify requirement for all employers.

The bill states that within a five-year period all employers would be responsible for checking the work authorizations of all their employees through a brand new Everify system.

There would be a phase-in period: Employers that have 5,000 employees or more would have to adhere to the requirement within two years, employers with more than 500 employees would do so in three years and the rest would in four years.

Everify: Photo Matching

Another part of the new Everify system would include something referred to as “photo-matching.” Candidates for employment who are not U.S. citizens would be required to have a “biometric Green Card” or “biometric work authorization card.”

These cards will have photographs and those photographs would be stored in the Everify database. Noncitizens will present those cards to potential employers. If the photograph in the card do not match the photograph in the Everify system, the employer would not be able to hire the noncitizen.

Candidates for employment who are U.S. citizens would present their passports or driver’s license. The passport picture would be in the Everify system automatically; however, the driver’s license would only be in the system if the state has agreed to release those photographs to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS Secretary would create a grant program to reimburse states that provide access to driver’s license photographs.

There will be additional security measures put in place for those who are not able to provide a photograph.

Everify: Social Security Number

Employees would be allowed to lock their social security numbers under the new Everify system. If their numbers are locked, no one would be able to steal those numbers. The numbers would remain locked until the employees seek employment themselves, at which point they would have to unlock them.

Employees would be allowed to check their Everify history.


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