Immigration Fact of the Week May 24

Study USAQuestion:

How many international students study in the U.S.?


According to statistics from 2010, the U.S. attracts 21 percent of all international students who study abroad.

The data gathered by the UNESCO Institute on international students in 2010 determined that the U.S. has the largest share of all international students studying abroad. Foreign students in U.S. institutions account for 3.5 percent of all students enrolled in U.S. higher education.

To study in the U.S., foreign students must apply for an F visa, M visa, or a J visa.  The F visa is for students who want to study in a U.S. university or college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, or any other academic institution. The M visa is for students who want to study in a U.S. vocational nonacademic institution. The J visa is for cultural exchange students and is usually valid for a shorter time than the F and M visa, which are issued for the duration of the educational program.

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