Immigration Reform Bill: Second Week of Amendments

The Senate Judiciary Committee will meet tomorrow morning to resume mark-up for the 800-page immigration reform bill.

The Committee passed 32 amendments on Thursday of last week. The committee reviewed Title I of the bill, which deals with border security. The bill was changed with the new amendments but not fundamentally.

The provisions for nonimmigrant visas are set to take center stage tomorrow. This is Title IV and it calls for a W-Visa Program for Lower-Skilled Workers.

The W visa would be designed for a foreign national to come to the U.S. to perform low-skilled labor. This visa, if approved, would begin in April of 2015.

The W visa program would be based on a new system for registered employers who would be allowed to hire a certain number of foreign national workers each year. The employment positions would have to be posted on the Secretary of Labor website at least 30 days before hiring a foreign national. These job openings would have to be for jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The W visa would be valid for a period of three years, but they could be renewed for additional three-year periods. The foreign national workers would lose their W visa if unemployed for more than 60 consecutive days.

The spouses and minor children of the W visa holder  will be allowed to come to the U.S. as well. They would receive a work authorization for the same length of time as the W visa holder.

The Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow and again on Thursday. The Senate has a week-long recess beginning on May 27, and the Committee wants to finish marking up the immigration bill before then.


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