Obama: Congress Can Pass Immigration Bill this Summer

Immigration BillPresident Obama is confident about the Senate immigration bill.

He spoke today at an event at the White House and he talked about why immigration reform could pass in Congress within the next couple of months.

“There’s no reason Congress can’t get this done by the end of summer.”

The president explained that this bill has gone through a long process but it’s getting very close to becoming a reality.

“The good news is every day that goes by, more and more Republicans and Democrats are coming out to support this common-sense immigration reform bill.”

Obama, whose reelection last year was in large part due to Hispanic votes, seems to be sure that this time around he will be able to keep his promise of passing immigration reform. Hispanic Americans are the United States’ fastest-growing demographic. Their votes have become very important.

Obama words were directed at anyone who still doubts the need for a comprehensive bill.

“I’m sure the bill will go through a few more changes in the weeks to come. But this much is clear: If you genuinely believe we need to fix our broken immigration system, there’s no good reason to stand in the way of this bill.”

The bill got past its first step today as the Senate voted 82-15 in favor of a full debate on the bill. The bill is expected to pass in the Senate.

The Senate immigration bill would give 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. the opportunity to become legal if eligible.


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