Immigration bill would add almost 6 million jobs, report claims

Dual IntentAccording to a recent report from the American Action Network, the Senate bill, if passed, would add an average of 13,992 new jobs to each congressional district over the next ten years.

The report is being distributed to the offices of lawmakers as groups who support immigration reform try and rally Republicans to support the cause.

The data was collected using information from a Regional Economic Models, Inc study of economic data and visas along with an evaluation of a Congressional Budget Office report that discusses the impact of the Senate bill. Conservatives in support of immigration reform have taken this approach before — that reform is beneficial if not just for job creation — and having statistics to back them up only strengthens their argument.

However, opponents of reform don’t believe it can truly create jobs. According to Republican Jeff Sessions, a senator from Alabama, “We don’t have a shortage of workers — we have a shortage of jobs.” He believes that jobs would go to newly arrived immigrants here on work visas rather than American citizens.

Still other conflict comes from within those who support reform. While the American Action Network’s report concludes that 6 million jobs would be added over the next decade, a similar report about the bill predicted it would instead create 3 million jobs over the next ten years.

Neither figure is anything to sneeze at. Any type of job creation is good, and though reports may differ on precisely how many jobs will be added, one thing seems to be universal: passing the Senate bill on immigration reform will create jobs for both immigrants and Americans.


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