Immigration supporters steamroll anti-immigration efforts

Though anti-reform activists had planned to use August to try and end the legislation, they haven’t made progress at all.

Recently, a rally was held in Richmond, Virginia, attended by a Republican named Steve King who is infamous about his commentary on immigrants (he recently stated that the majority of undocumented youth are drug mules). While they believed hundreds would show up, only a few dozen did. A picture posted online showed King speaking behind a podium to an empty courtyard.

Both supporters and detractors of immigration reform have placed an emphasis on turning out to support their respective causes this month. This was meant to show the House, which is still deciding how to proceed with immigration reform, which side had the most support.

Supporters of immigration reform have rallied in cities across the country. Opponents, though, have not been very vocal.

Groups against immigration reform are going so far as to cancel events for lack of public support. Some, however, are finding any excuse to explain the lack of support for anti-immigration reform efforts, claiming bad location choices for rallies, among other things.

In 2007, grassroots organizers mustered up plenty of support against the immigration reform effort. People showed up to the rallies; they were loud and large. Now, though, supporters of immigration reform seem to be positively steamrolling the competition. Hopefully the House takes note of this dynamic when it reconvenes to discuss the issues.

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