There is still hope for immigration reform

Gay rightsDespite recent interruptions, there still can be progress with immigration reform made well before the 2014 date some fear it will be delayed until.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently announced a plan to introduce comprehensive immigration reform into the House. The legislation would combine the Senate bill passed in May with the bipartisan border security bill provided by a committee in the House.

The bill would be set to go into action on Oct. 5, which is the National Day of Action. It’s a move that’s meant to capitalize on grass-roots support of immigration reform and put greater pressure on Republicans in the House.

Even if Pelosi’s proposals fail — and there is a chance they may, Democrats have cautioned as they try and understand the best approach forward — hope still remains. Bob Goodlatte, who is chair of the Judiciary Committee, recently made comments stating that he will press forward with immigration reform proposals this fall.

John Boehner has also said that the issue is still an important one and remains on the agenda.

The House Democractic Caucus is currently set to meet next week. One of the many items on the agenda is discussing next steps concerning immigration reform.

Things were looking down for a while, with constant distractions and interruptions that hindered the progress made by immigration reform activists throughout August. Despite the lull, and though there are some who still fear that immigration reform will be ignored until at least 2014, things are still looking up.

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