¿Un abogado indocumentado?

Undocumented LawyerSergio Garcia, a recent law school graduate who has passed the Bar of California exams, is also here as an undocumented immigrant . He wants to pursue his career.

The Supreme Court of California is hearing arguments about the historic case. Regardless of the decision made, it will remain a precedent that many other states will follow (including New York and Florida, where they have been denied the possibility of exercising undocumented immigrants who have graduated from law school).

Garcia is 36 years old and was recommended for a lawyer’s license in 2011. When his legal status was called into question, the federal government formally opposed granting him to practice. Others, however, like Kamala Harris, Attorney General of the State, are in favor of what is granted that capacity.

Garcia’s case also serves as a critique of the legal standing immigration system in the United States: his father, a naturalized citizen of the United States. He applied for a green card for his son in 1994. Garcia is on the waiting list.

Some oppose Garcia being a lawyer because it is illegal to pay for a service to an undocumented immigrant under federal law. Those who oppose it ignore the fact that he is trying to seek legal residency and that the US legal immigration system is taking a long time, for reasons he can not control.