Immigration reform activists walk 150 miles to raise awarenesss

bigstock-Latino-boy-holding-American-fl-17337023Over 2,000 activists will meet in Tampa tonight, signifying the end of a week-long walk for 11 activists.

The movement, called “The Way for Citizenship,” is part of a campaign for immigration reform lead by PICO United Florida. The 2,000-strong group will meet at a Catholic Church in downtown Tampa. They will join the 11 walkers who hiked from Orlando to Tampa.

The 11 walkers symbolize the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. today, according to organizers.

The march echoes similar movements made across the nation over the past few months, including a popular rally at the National Mall last week that proceeded despite the government shutdown.

While hope for immigration reform being passed before the year sails up and down with each twist and turn as the days drag on, the activism isn’t merely there to push forward immigration reform in the House.

Said Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, an activist based in Tampa: “It’s about seeing us in our communities, not just as a number: 11 million undocumented. And it’s about immigrants seeing that there are other immigrants out there, and that we are active members of our democracy. A lot of people feel isolated, and when you see all these marchers, that gives you hope and the energy to join them.”

No matter how long Congress may take to enact immigration reform, it’s important that activists do not cease their rallies and marches. It’s important to keep people drawn together in this fight and to keep awareness high, regardless of how gridlocked things are in the Capitol.

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