Immigration reform makes slow progress

Immigration ReformTwo House Republicans officially came out in support of the immigration reform bill suggested by House Democrats.

It lends more support to the notion that there will be a vote on immigration reform before the end of the year comes. Republican Denham, in fact, one of the two who has publicly stated his support for the Democratic bill, believes a vote will certainly come.

“They’ve told me that we’re going to have this [issue] on the floor by the end of the year.”

He also shared that he has “spoken with various members of leadership” on the issue and that they have said that “they expect to see a vote on this issue by the year’s end.

Of course, House Republicans saying one thing and going through with it is another issue entirely — earlier this week, Marco Rubio, previously an adamant supporter of the comprehensive approach to immigration reform, comically flipped sides completely.

But hope is not lost. It’s easy for commentators to assume that nothing will ever happen, and that a vote will not come, and if it does, it will be months and months away, but this is not true. Immigration is an important topic, if not just so Republicans to try and sway more voters to their side, and its an issue that they will not neglect.

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