Obama changes immigration reform tactics

The President of the United States of America 2008 - ?In a move that only lends more hope to the possibility for immediate immigration reform, President Obama has today shifted gears in his approach — or at least expressed a willingness to be more open.

While he hopes that the over-two-week government shut down has made Republicans more open to reform as to improve their image with voters, this move acknowledges that compromises will still have to be made.

Said Obama earlier today: “If House Republicans have new and different additional ideas on how we should move forward, then we want to hear them. I’ll be listening.”

Spokesman for The White House, Jay Carney, echoed Obama, saying that there are “a variety of ways that you can reach the ultimate goal” of achieving satisfactory immigration reform.

Before today, hope was present but weak — there’s been a major push for a comprehensive immigration reform bill, yes, but it was soundly rejected by House Republicans. Democrats are showing a willingness to meet somewhere in the middle. If Republicans can bring themselves to do the same thing, we’ll be able to see real change before the year’s end.

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