Thousands of advocates arrived at the National Mall today to keep fight going

DeportationThough the government has been shutdown for a week now — and the threat of a default looms on the horizon — immigration reform advocates have not stopped campaigning.

As planned, a vast number turned out at the National Mall in the Capitol earlier today make their voices heard. Some of those voices were more frustrated than others.

Said Juan Frias, one of the advocates at the rally: “I’m not sure what it’s going to, but I think it’s going to happen. We have momentum, like a snowball that is rolling. But we know this will not be easy.

Echoing his comments was another advocate, Rebecca Diaz: “Congress needs to get their act together. I’m going to fight for immigration reform right now. Not in a year, not in five months, right now.”

About 30 Congressmen turned up to voice their approval, and shockingly, eight of those were arrested (along with a few other advocates) for civil disobedience during a march that took place after the rally.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attended the rally, and she had a few positive words for those gathered there.

“It has taken a while and we have had some moments,” she said. “But I thank you for subscribing to the idea; Don’t agonize, organize. Let us act without further delay, let’s get a vote on the floor … the time for immigraiton reform is now.

Representative John Lewis, one of the lawmakers arrested, agreed: “We cannot rest, we cannot be satisfied until we have comprehensive immigration reform.”

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