Undocumented immigrants can take advantage of Affordable Care Act without fear of deportation

Border PatrolLast Friday, it was announced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement that they would not use any information submitted on the recently launched Affordable Care Act (ACA) website to enforce immigration law and deport criminals.

While undocumented immigrants can’t qualify with the ACA, those who live in “mixed status families” that include documented immigrants may be able to be enroll.

During the sign-up on the ACA website, some applicants are asked to give the immigration status of the others living in the same household.

The policy has actually existed before ICE made the statement this last Friday; hopefully, though, it goes a long way toward calming the fears of those who were hesitant about signing up for health insurance before.

Latino immigrants have the lowest rate of health coverage (over 28 percent are uninsured), and being able to take advantage of affordable coverage can only help.

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