“Catch an Illegal Immigrant” game canceled after protests spread

DeportationAt the University of Texas at Austin, strong uproar against a controversial and radical anti-immigrant game caused it to be canceled altogether.

That didn’t stop the protesters from showing up and sharing their displeasure over the fact that it was ever planned at all. About 500 students showed up in front of the main building at the university, many of them wearing t-shirts with the word “undocumented” stamped on them.

The event was even visited by the star of Ugly Betty, America Ferrera, who spoke to the crowd in support.

The original “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” game was organized by the Young Conservatives of Texas. They planned a similarly controversial event in September, when they held a bake sale emulating affirmative action.

This time, though, the public responded much more swiftly, as did administration officials, forcing the Young Conservatives of Texas to cancel their offensive plans. Hopefully they can get the hint and stop these insulting actions altogether.