“Catch An Illegal Immigrant” game planned by radical conservatives

At the University of Texas, the vast majority of students are not foolish bigots. Unfortunately, a small organization called the “Young Conservatives of Texas” operates on campus, marring the university’s image with silly and offensive stunts meant to stir up trouble.

The latest in a controversial history has been planned by the leader of the organization, Lorenzo Garcia. He has orchestrated a “catch an illegal immigrant game,” which dresses up the players as immigrants and undocumented immigrants. There is a $25 gift card for those who can catch any of the marked undocumented immigrants.

The game is meant to be held tomorrow.

Response has been severely negative. Several commentators on Twitter, Facebook and other social medias have taken to broadcast their disdain. A rally dedicated to protesting the event has thousands of members pledging their stand against Garcia. Every politician and university official who has been reached for comment have also spoken poorly about Garcia’s actions.

Earlier this year, Garcia stirred up even more controversy when he held a bake sale that had an anti-affirmative action theme. The prices changed depending on a person’s race and sex.

President Bill Powers of the University of Texas, Austin responded to the event by saying that it is “completely out of line with the values we espouse at The University of Texas at Austin.”

And while it’s obvious that the event is constructed to be as offensive as possible, it’s still sad to see people who genuinely believe in the cause. Undocumented immigrants are people, not punchlines of a perverted game.