Immigration reform still not dead in the House

Immigration Bill RevisionsSpeaker John Boehner said earlier this week that the House would never consider an all-encompassing immigration bill like the one passed by the Senate. He also wouldn’t commit to voting on any immigration proposals before the year is up.

But despite this, hope remains.

Behind the scenes, Boehner has had talks with Jeff Denham, a senator from California and a champion for immigration reform, about the general interest for immigration reform in the Senate. Denham is circulating a letter of support for immigration reform among his fellow senators, so they may sign it and show their combined support to Boehner. He believes over 40 Republicans will sign it.

Citizens have also put extra pressure on the topic of immigration reform this week. Five people participated in a hunger strike on Tuesday inside of the National Mall, and they said they will continue until comprehensive immigration reform is passed.

They are being visited by members of Congress and other supporters.

Another group cornered Boehner at his regular breakfast restaurant and shared stories of their relatives who had been deported.

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