Soul legend Tina Turner to relinquish U.S. citizenship

what is uscisThe world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and eight-time Grammy winner recently filed paperwork to relinquish her citizenship.

Tina Turner, who is 73, has resided in Switzerland for about 20 years. In April, she became a citizen of the country.

Relinquishing citizenship is not the same as renouncing, though each method results in the person no longer being a U.S. citizen. Renouncing involves showing up in front of a government official and officially declaring your intent to no longer be a U.S. citizen and completing the necessary paperwork. Relinquishing citizenship is another avenue that doesn’t necessarily involve appearing in front of a State Department official.

Turner filed the paperwork with a U.S. Embassy in Bern, Switzerland. According to The Washington Post, which evaluated an “activity report” from the embassy, Turner stated that she has almost no further connections to the U.S. and that she has no intention of residing in the U.S. in the future at all.