Veterans Day and Immigrants in the US Armed Forces

ICEYou don’t have to be a citizen to fight for the United States. In fact, each year, about 8,000 Green Card holders enlist in the military. And right now, there are almost 65,000 serving as active duty.

Since today is Veterans Day, here are some facts in remembrance of some of the lesser known soldiers who constitute our armed forces.

  • The two nations that supply the most foreign-born military personnel for the U.S. are the Philippines and Mexico.
  • Immigrants have been fighting in our army since the Revolutionary War. In addition, during the 1840s, people who were foreign-born constituted half of the U.S. military recruits.
  • 20 percent of the Union Army was foreign-born during the Civil War.
  • The diversity that immigrant recruits provide is valuable in more ways than one. It helps the military to be more multi-cultural, which aids it with its global agenda.
  • Immigrants soldiers are substantially more dependable than citizen soldiers. 10 percent fewer immigrants drop out of training versus their citizen soldier counterparts.
  • Since September 2001, the USCIS has naturalized almost 40,000 members of the armed forces through military service. It has also posthumously granted citizenship to over 100 service members.