Hope for immigration reform in 2014 soars

Immigration BillImmigration reform, which has stalled in the House for the remainder of this year, has a good chance of passing in 2014.

There have been three encouraging signs recently:

  1. House Speaker John Boehner recently hired Rebecca Tallent, a policy adviser who has worked for John McCain, a firm advocate for immigration reform.
  2. Boehner has demonstrated a willingness to critique the radical base of the Republican party, showing that he could possibly set his sights on the anti-immigration reform sentiment soon as well.
  3. Representative Paul Ryan has finished dealing with budget issues. He will now be able to focus more on immigration reform. He is a firm advocate of legalizing (and even introducing a path to citizenship to) the almost 12 million undocumented immigrants here today.

House Republicans have this year cleared four of their own tiny bills on immigration reform so far. They haven’t been debated yet, because Democrats are sure to shoot them down in favor of a more comprehensive approach, but the point is that movement is happening on both sides.

It’s just a matter of time until they meet up in the middle.

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