Wyoming group fasts for immigration reform

IRCAResidents in Cheyenne, Wyoming have decided to step away from the dinner table this holiday season in the name of immigration reform.

Reverend Rodger McDaniel, of the local United Presbyterian Church, has organized a fast in the Herschler building, where many Wyoming lawmakers have their offices.

The movement echos a similar movement that took place in the National Mall last month.

The events serve as a show of solidarity for the 12 million undocumented immigrants living and working in the U.S. today who do not have a pathway to citizenship available. They’re aimed squarely at the Republicans in the House of Representatives, which has yet to act on the immigration bill approved by the Senate in June.

Said McDaniel: “The political reality is that the extremists in the tea party are controlling the agenda in the House. Even though the Senate found a way to reach a bipartisan compromise, the House is far more extreme. Boehner isn’t going to let it come to a vote without a whole lot of public pressure.”