Immigration Spotlight Shines on Presidential Candidates

Senate Immigration BillAs the 2016 presidential election cycle picks up steam, immigration reform is playing out as a top issue. To make sure voters can stay abreast of candidate approaches, immigration reform-focused has introduced two new tools: The Presidential Candidate Tracker and The GOP Future Project.

According to a description, the tools are designed to enable “supporters to stay well-informed on both the latest candidate statements on immigration and how demographic shifts are altering the road to the White House forever.”

Each of the tools is straightforward in its approach. The mission with the Presidential Candidate Tracker, for instance, is to “Make it crystal clear to voters and supporters where each and every candidate stands on immigration.”  The tracker provides a database of “on-the-record comments made by 2016 presidential contenders around immigration-related issues.” The intent of the tracker tool is designed to be comprehensive as quotes are tracked in real time, the description says, and includes candidate statements—whether uttered within a debate forum or at a town hall meeting.

The tracking tool looks to be a welcome addition among immigration-focused voters. reports massive increase in its use with the first GOP debate.  “Our 2016 Candidate Tracker proved a popular way for viewers to review what was said last night, our visitors skyrocketed 2,000 percent during the debates.”

While the tracking tool is updated with quotes from all presidential candidates—both Democrat and Republican—the tool can also be customized. For example, users can choose to track only specific candidates for daily updates on their immigration-related statements.

Developers of the GOP Future Project state their mission as a means to “visualize key demographic shifts in the American electorate over time that will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the outcome of the 2016 election—and those to come.” Pointing out that Latinos and Asian-Americans have increasingly shifted support away from the Republican Party of the past 10 years, the GOP Future Project tracks publicly-available information demonstrating changing demographics in some states “have serious implications for the GOP’s long-term electoral success.” is the brainchild of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. Zuckerburg has a well-established record of supporting immigration reform, especially in cases involving highly-skilled workers.