Candidate Rubio challenges rival Trump’s immigration position

Republican BadgeGOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio is ramping up efforts to win the Republican nomination by distinguishing himself from the pack. Currently in his sights is Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate magnate whose campaign has so far largely focused on undocumented immigration.

Rubio, who hails from the state of Florida, currently appears to be gaining momentum with a rise in the polls. Rubio, himself the son of Cuban immigrants, supported the 2013 immigration reform bill. While the bill, which was ultimately defeated in the House of Representatives. While many would say his support for the bill is a clear indication of his support on the issue, campaign rivals now accuse the senator of flip-flopping on his position.

As it stands now, Rubio is calling for tougher border security. The current measures he calls for are tougher than those called for in the original immigration bill.

For Republicans campaigning against him, Rubio’s tweak in his position is enough to warrant an attack. Where Trump is concerned, for example, Rubio has demonstrated himself to be “very weak” on the immigration issue. Additionally, Trump says Rubio has a poor attendance record where his senate work is concerned.

The attacks are something Rubio isn’t taking lying down. Taking Trump to task on his own bravado, Rubio calls Trump’s immigration strategies “absurd.” According to a report regarding Rubio’s appearance on the Sunday political discussion broadcast “State of the Union” on CNN, Rubio said, “His rhetoric is a little louder, but if you think about his position on immigration six months ago, his position on immigration six months ago is nothing like his position on immigration now. Even what he’s saying now borders on the absurd.”

Among the positions to which Rubio is alluding are Trump’s calls for the deportation of each and every undocumented immigrant in the United States, though he would allow “wonderful cases” back in the country. Trump also strongly advocated for the erection of a 40- to 50-foot high wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Further, he says he would structure implementation of the construction to ensure the project is financed by the Mexican government.

Commenting on Trump’s rhetoric, Rubio seems more entertained than concerned.  “It’s just Donald being Donald,” Rubio said on the news show.