Border Wall Musical Protest

Musicians from the U.S. and Mexico– and from around the world– are planning a concert in protest of President Trump’s proposed border wall. The “Tear Down This Wall” concert, slated for June 3, will take place at Friendship Park, which sits on the border between Tijuana, Mexico and the California city of San Diego.

The concert, organized by Markus Rindt of The Dresden Symphony Orchestra, harkens back to Cold War days of three decades ago when a wall separating Germany still existed. A young man at the time, Rindt’s idea for the upcoming concert goes back to the days of the Ronald Reagan presidency. During a 1987 meeting, Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, the president famously said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Years later, the president’s phrase serves as the inspiration in the political statement uttered by Rindt and the Dresden orchestra.

“It’s not the only wall in the world,” Rindt says. “The list of walls around the world is really long.” In terms of the wall proposed by Trump, Rindt says, “Nationalism is on the rise. And the (U.S. – Mexico) wall is on people’s minds.”

The wall currently in focus now is the one proposed by President Trump during his days of campaigning for the office. Trump repeatedly emphasized the need to protect U.S. borders not only from immigrants crossing in the country without documentation, but also to keep out criminals and drug traffickers flooding over the border.

While the southern border wall hasn’t yet made practical progress in terms of design or funding, the proliferation of conversation around a potential barrier between the United States and Mexico continues to make waves across both national and cultural lines. The Mexican government steadfastly refuses to comply with Trump’s insistence that the country fund the project. And some officials in the U.S. say the wall will never materialize at all.

With the June concert, Rindt will make his statement against the proliferation of wall around the world with talent that includes a group consisting of four Germans, a Swede, and two Latin Americans. Performers from Tijuana are also on the bill as well as Coral MacFarland, a San Diego-based singer.