California County Supports DACA Path to Citizenship

Since the president’s cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Tulare County supervisors in California show support for legislation leading to citizenship for the young people affected by the program. The county, located in California’s Central Valley, face massive fallout with the end of DACA with its heavy agricultural and dairy industries.

On the agenda for the Tulare County Board of Supervisors is a letter addressed to U.S. Representatives Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy and David Valadao– each a Republican representative for the Central Valley. If the supervisors approve the letter, the federal representatives will read county concerns around the effect of the DACA sunset as it pertains to the tens of thousands of young people in the area affected by the program.

Besides addressing the emotional betrayal element of the end of DACA, the letter also discusses the county’s agricultural economy. Besides dairy, the area’s agricultural output includes oranges, grapes and cattle-related commodities. In all the industry accounts for more than $3 billion in annual revenues. In the letter, commissioners emphasize the area depends on “reliable labor which is typically provided by immigrants,” according to a local report.

The scramble around DACA ramped up in September when President Trump announced an end to the policy adopted by President Obama through executive action. Ending the program, which affects some 800,000 immigrants, put potential legislation around the immigration reform issue back into the hand of Congress.

If the Tulare County supervisors approve the letter for sending to their representatives, it will mark another government entity putting itself on the record around the immigration issue. Still, officials like Rep. Nunes is already on board.

“Under both of our previous two presidents, government leaders failed to solve the long-standing immigration challenges we face,” the congressman said. “I have repeatedly voted to ensure that people who were brought here as children wouldn’t be unfairly penalized for their parents’ actions. Hopefully, Congress will act quickly not only to find a fair solution for these people, but also to enact fundamental immigration reform so that we will no longer face these sorts of problems.”

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