USCIS Accepting Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Applications

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) encourages local community organizations focused on serving immigrants through citizenship preparedness and civic assimilation programs to apply for grant funding. Through the Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program, USCIS provides up to $10 million in grants for organizations assisting lawful permanent residents– green card holders– with lessons in English, U.S. history, and civics.

With the competitive grant funding, available through 2 different opportunities, “USCIS seeks to expand the availability of high-quality citizenship preparation services throughout the country,” according to a release. The opportunities include:

  • Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services fund up to 36 organizations that offer both citizenship instruction and naturalization application services to green card holders. This grant opportunity carries an Aug. 8, 2018 application deadline.
  • The Refugee and Asylee Assimilation Program funds up to four organizations providing individualized services to green card holders who entered the United States under the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program or those immigrants granted asylum. Organizations offering these services help immigrants obtain the skills and knowledge required for successful citizenship and also foster a sense of belonging and attachment to the country. Specifically, this grant “strives to promote long-term civic assimilation of those lawful permanent residents who have identified naturalization as a goal, yet may need additional information, instruction, and services to attain it.” This grant application carries an Aug. 15, 2018 deadline.  

In determining grant recipients, USCIS takes into account a number of programs and organizational factors, like the performance of past grantees performance as well as whether applicants and any sub-awardees are enrolled in E-Verify.

USCIS leadership expects to announce grant recipients in September.

USCIS implemented the grants in 2009. Since then, the agency awards amount to approximately $73 million issued through 353 grants to immigrant-serving organizations to provide citizenship preparation services to more than 200,000 green card holders in 37 states and the District of Columbia. USCIS filing fees support these grant opportunities.

Organization leaders interested in filling out a grant application can do so at To find additional information on the grant programs, visit or email the USCIS Office of Citizenship at

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