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Unmonitored Detention Centers: An Abuse of Enforcement Power

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about immigration detention centers. Why are they largely unmonitored and why doesn’t our political democracy care enough to find out what’s going on? Oversight of immigration detention centers falls under the jurisdiction of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a branch of the Department of Homeland Security. ICE is an …

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The economics of filing an application for U.S. citizenship

According to a recent blog published by the Harvard Business Review, each year 90% of 8 million legal residents eligible to become US citizens choose not to do so. Why? What is holding back this significant contingent of U.S. residents from claiming the benefits of citizenship, including the right to vote, apply for a U.S. …

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Immigration Reform in 2010

So will 2010 be the year that this country finally sees action on comprehensive immigration reform? It is hard to believe, considering the tough economic times the U.S. has labored through in 2009, troubles that we have yet to see our way out of. And a bad economy is an unlikely harbinger of immigrant reunification movements, or so-called amnesty.

Immigrants and Race

Anti-immigrant sentiment goes by a lot of names. Most broadly, people who don’t want the presence of immigrants in the U.S. are accused of “xenophobia,” which is “an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners.” On a more localized level, individuals who disapprove of immigrants on the basis that they hurt the U.S. economy are termed …

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