How to Extend Your Stay in the U.S.

The U.S. visas are awarded to people who plan on visiting the United States for a short period of time. The B visas, for example, usually last six months. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough time. This is especially true if you are in the U.S. seeking medical treatment for a serious illness that might require long recovery times and multiple procedures. That’s where Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant status becomes necessary.

What is Form I-539 for?

The primary purpose of submitting this form is to extend your stay for up to six more months if you are already in the U.S. with a nonimmigrant visa. This applies to the following nonimmigrant visas:

  • B-1
  • B-2
  • F-1
  • M-1
  • M-2

Form I-539 is also used if you want to change your status to a different kind of nonimmigrant visa or if you want to reinstate your status.

When Should Form I-539 Be Filed?

When you arrive to the U.S., you will receive Form I-94 as a confirmation that you entered the country legally and all the correct documents. This Form will state your time of arrival and your expiration, which is the time you are supposed to return to your country.

You must apply for an extension 45 days before your expiration date. If you do not submit Form I-539 on time, and you stay pass the time you were given to stay in the U.S. legally, you could be deported or you could no longer be allowed to come back to the U.S. This is why it’s very important to file well before you time’s up.

Where to Fill Out Form I-539?

You can prepare your application with us. We will make sure that you are submitting a mistake free application by first telling you more about the eligibility requirements and the process.

Apply for an extension of your nonimmigrant visa today!

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